Another SA House Mix!

We are of a belief that being a DJ is something that should come out naturally and often than not, a talented DJ is able to showcase their skills without trying so hard to impress. The same could be said about a DJ by the name of Fanyana Masango.

A few things that hooked us to the spinner’s mix are, track selection, how he builds his set, timing and lastly the mixing style. By listening to this music marathon, one is able to notice that the DJ has honed his skills for quite sometime and knows how to get the masses dancing as he drops them beats one by one.

You are really going to appreciate this commercial journey which is packed with finer tunes that’s going to make you let loose and get to the dance-floor. But with the spinner’s track selection, it is evident that the aim here is to get you dancing throughout the mix.

From us, we love everything about this mix. Hit play below and enjoy this uniquely packaged marathon.

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