Babes Wodumo Ft. Mampintsha – Wololo

For the longest time, we have been having different views about this song ‘Wololo’ by industry’s latest entry that goes by the name of Babes Wodumo. While some of our colleagues believe that this tune is a bubblegum, others felt the beat and energy it carry were enough to make it to our review section.

So we had to sit and analyze this tune, beat per beat and try to point out all the aspects that make ‘Wololo’ stand out and arguably current biggest song in the South African dance scene.

It is no secret that the artist, who is signed to Mampintsha’s label, West Ink Records has been enjoying all sorts of attention that came with the success of this single. While the song is not really anything to brag about musically, it is however a number that has the right elements to make it a hot property. You see, this is a song for the moment, it has to work now and that’s that!

Besides thumping beats, the female talent has some really catchy sing along lines that are likely to keep playing in your head way after you’ve listened to this song. Adding more gas to the fire is Mampintsha who comes on board with some well-penned lyrics. All and all, this is a party song, it has that potential of pushing the masses to the dance-floor and make them eat out of the palm of their hands.

Will this push until Festive approaches? We doubt it! But this is a great entry song for Babes Wodumo. From us, she will have to work a little hard and come back with guns blazing if she wants to have a permanent spot in the mainstream. ‘Wololo’ is a crappy song with the right gimmicks to make it rule the dance-floor.

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