Big Nuz Unleashes ‘Phaqa’

Kwaito heavyweight group, Big Nuz is back with a brand new album, For The Fans. Since their reintroduction to the industry under the Afrotainment stable many years ago, the duo has released some of the greatest hits. Now, picking up where they left off, the group has just released a video for their single, ‘Phaqa’.

‘Phaqa’ comes out at the time when the group had just buried one member, R Mashesha, who passed on after operation complications in August this year. Like their previous hits, ‘Phaqa’ carries all the right elements to get this summer going.

Two things that we should give to Big Nuz are their ability to keep the sound relevant and offering simple yet-catchy sing-along lyrical content.

Can this be another festive for Big Nuz? Well, ‘Phaqa’ is a well-cooked tune that will certainly get the masses moving each time it is dropped.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts.

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