DJ Kent Rocking The #FreshBreakFast

DJ Kent DJing skills have well become known as untouchable! Over the years, the spinner has dominated the list of  the mega-mixing masters – always reinventing himself and keeping the tunes fired up! His mega mix musical take stems from the distinct sounds of almost all the genres – hip-hop, soulful house accapellas and commercial house which seek to capture the essence of organic sounds blended within the heartbeat of house music.

His DJing ability and song selection add personality to the overall mix. Of course, Kent’s mixes seek to capture the listeners imagination as the music is rich in texture and bright with an infinite amount of messages.

Through his touch, the spinner tries to evoke deep underlying feelings with the use of soul in the melodic structures yet in juxtapose, releasing energy with a sense of celebration and festivity with hard hitting drum patterns while also using synthesizers in capturing the modern, urban feel of the youth’s vibrancy.

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