Don’t Miss Musical Collaboration of Cultural Diversity

MCCD, the ground-breaking Musical Collaboration in Cultural Diversity initiative spearheaded by arts visionaries, Atlas Philani Duma and Rajive Mohan, swings into action with a vibrant, cross-cultural, line-up of artists who will share the stage of the Sipho Gumede Hall at Durban’s BAT Centre on 23 September 2017.

Duma’s Sagiya Foundation, in partnership with Mohan’s House of Audio and The BAT Centre, see a need to contribute towards the eradication of hatred and political differences that exist among the South African Communities. “Music and culture have long been a strong tool with tangible results in bringing about social cohesion,” says Duma. “MCCD has a powerful combination of artists who are eager to spread messages of togetherness in celebration of South African cultural diversity that stems from different races that inhabit this country.”

MCCD will feature the Umkhumbane Jazz Ensemble (UJE), the African Jazz outfit from Durban, which was formed out of musical influences of ‘Umkhumbane Settlement’, currently known as Cato Manor, on the western part of Durban. Senior members of the band learned their trade in Umkhumbane and plied their trades in Durban YMCA and ‘eMathilamini’ (Trams Durban Bus Depot), which were the only musical venues available to them during the fifties.

The 12-person band is set up on marabi music style with strong big band influence. Their repertoire is dominated by music of the late 50s mixed with big band selection and UJE members’ compositions. UJE has decided to rescue this music style before it gets lost. The ensemble’s host of fans also enjoy original compositions by various musicians of UJE. The music style of UJE also bring you back to the vibes of Sofia Town and District Six.

The upcoming MCCD event on 23 September, also features the Dilkash group, which was born out of the National Indian Orchestra some 10 years ago. Led by Rajive Mohan, the group of highly versatile musicians and singers who are renowned in the music field has performed nationally as well as internationally in Harare, Maputo, Malawi and Mauritius. Other featured artists appearing in the MCCD line-up include musical poet, Ntokozo Sngqazu Ngcobo, and classical hip-hop specialist, Lee Ngamlana, both of Dim-Dep Musical fame.

Arrival time for the MCCD show at BAT Centre on 23 September is 6pm, and the performance starts at 7pm, concluding at 9.30pm. Tickets are R100 at the door. Pre-ticket sales are available at the BAT Centre Admin Office. Umkhumbane Jazz Ensemble cd’s and caps will be available for sale at the event. For further information call Atlas Duma on 081 373 8185, or e-mail

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