Focalistic Shares Movie Soundtrack Of His Life

Aimed to inspire people through his lens as the director of his own life, eclectic artist, Focalistic, has released a collection of music showcasing the movie of his life titled Quarantined Tarantino.

Finding inspiration for his EP’s name from his favourite director, Quentin Tarantino, Focalistic pays respect to one of the world’s greatest filmmakers with his most personal project yet as he believes his EP will be as impactful as his favourite Tarantino movie, Django, which shows that no matter the circumstances, you have to fight for a better life.

Moved by the national lockdown, Focalistic’s Quarantined Tarantino takes a look at his life: the sad parts, the wins, reflecting on his exes, friends, and every good and bad decision he’s ever made.

“When the lockdown was commissioned, I felt like a lot of people were feeling trapped. A lot of people felt like this was a moment where they couldn’t do anything about everything. Especially the ones in the arts. My way of resistance is the EP. I’m resisting becoming complacent, resisting the temptations of leaving my art, and hopefully I can inspire people to be as productive as they can,” reveals Focalistic.

The 10-part soundtrack is being released through one of Africa’s leading music marketing agencies and label, Vth Season, and can be streamed or downloaded globally here.

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