Getting To Know Rising Star, Lucille Slade

We got to sit down with Lucille Slade, a star on the rise after the recent release of her single Khuluma Nami.

Please tell us about your journey of getting into the music industry and when you discovered your passion for music.

Music has been a long journey; I’ve always known it was something I wanted to do from an early age. I signed my first record deal at 15, then went to AFDA for Television Production but the Music department had my heart and it’s become my major.

Please tell us how Khuluma Nami produced by Evoke (who produced work for Beyonce’s Lion King album) came about and how you met up?

I actually met Evoke through my band’s musical director. Evoke is also a bass guitarist alongside his music production. The song was actually an acoustic version but I needed a remix version of it for a show I was asked to film and that’s how this version of Khuluma Nami came to be and the working relationship.

Is Khuluma Nami part of an album or EP we can expect?

Yebo, it’s a part of an EP I’ll be putting out sometime this year.

This is a fresh sound you’re coming out with, how did you finesse? Are there more surprises?

This is the only song that sounds like this on the EP, everything else is a lot more R&B inspired. But I’ve always loved music as a whole and don’t want to box myself in.

How big are you dreaming? Are there any hopes or plans for continental take over or even world domination one day?

For now, the African continent is a world of opportunity and that’s my focus for where I’d like my music to be. Worldly aspirations come once the home is conquered.

Do you have any musicians locally or abroad that you wish to collaborate with? Who are they and why them?

I’m a fan of Maphorisa’s ability to cross genres and just make good music, so that’s someone I’d love to work with.

What are some of the challenges you face as an up-and-coming musician in this very competitive space?

I think most of it as an indie artist is just funding your own business. Because that is what you are at the end of the day. There are services to be paid for and the capital is needed.

Can you give us just one surprising fact about you that no one would ever guess?

I used to suck my thumb and play with the labels on people’s clothes. I still play with the labels but I stopped the thumb sucking. I’m still surprised that my teeth look the way they do.

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