Makwa Ft. Maraza And AKA – Ayipheli

Talk to enough clubbers or look at music charts and you may get a sense that big anthems have been scarce in the hip-hop fraternity since Amapiano started harassing the mainstream music industry. While the bulls have locked horns fighting for prominence, one individual, Makwa who has spent much of his time behind-the-scene producing for A-List talents such as Kwesta, AKA, Bucie Nkomo, DJ Fistas, Touchline and JR has come out with a single, ‘Ayipheli’.

With ferocious production, the greater part by Makwa, the beats match Maranza and AKA’s rhyming approach. On this hip-hop jam which is clearly influenced by old-skul kwaito gets one to almost visualize the two lyricists spitting into the mic with passion and conviction.

Coming to the main man, lyrically, Makwa comes out with some solid lines, proving that he is not only a good beat-maker but also a talented lyricist. The single achieves success in its creativity and ambition, especially.

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