Mlindo The Vocalist Goes To ‘Emakhaya’

One wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that Mlindo The Vocalist’s music stems from the various South African influences that seek to capture the essence of organic sounds blended within the heartbeat of pure Mzansi music. This song, ‘Emakhaya’ adds personality to the sound yet embedded deep within the core of the music are messages that seek to capture the listeners imagination.

Mlindo The Vocalist tries to evoke deep underlying feelings with the use of soul in the melodic structures yet in juxtapose, releasing energy with a sense of celebration and festivity with hard hitting drum patterns while also using synthesizers in capturing the modern, urban feel of the youth’s vibrancy.

All and all, the talented vocalist breaths insight into the heartbeat of this track, he’s honest portrayal paints a vivid picture like a painter on a canvas. This is a melting pot of eclectic sounds, which lurk between the fine line of unconventional music and creative standards.

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