Rabs Vhafuwi Ft. Busiswa – Entara

In the music business, one can have a successful career if that person is dedicated and continues to give their fans well-constructed tunes. One person that has been climbing the ladder of success in a fastest phase is the talented music doctor and spinner by the name of Rabs Vhafuwi.

Dropping irresistible songs that are relevant to the current house music nation, the producer has emerged with yet another sharp tune titled ‘Entara’ which features Kalalwa Chikita, Busiswa. The thumping single is taken from Rabs’ latest full-length studio offering, Hear Me Now.

Bringing his signature sound all out for the masses to enjoy, Rabs kicks off the song with an up-tempo kick with moving percussion. With this house loop, it is clear that the producer has decided to take a more commercial route than the soulful one that he has become famously known for.

As the song builds up, Busiswa joins the marathon with her commanding vocal takes! With the mad progression, one is bound to tap the foot and, let Rabs and Busiswa handle the party business. But what is more special here though is Busiswa’s ability to fit into the song and offer more of the sing-along vocals.

While Busiswa did her utmost to breath life into an already well cooked beat, Rabs should also be given credit for his unique music doctoring skills! Not only does he puts together songs that make one fall in love with house music all over again, his arrangement skills and musical instruments he throw into a song like the Rhodes piano sound, and sub-minimal lead guitar are just a few things to take notice of.

Let it come from us, ‘Entara’ is likely to become one of the biggest songs this festive! For this one to get maximum exposure and reach all parts of the world, Rabs will need to do everything he can to take the song to a broader crowd.

That being said, it will also be plain ignorant, foolish and injustice for radio stations to not playlist this jam. Take it from us, this is a straight up hit!

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