Romeo Makota Amapiano Set

When one tries to look up for the Amapiano definition, what you end up finding is a brief description on Wikipedia which says, “Amapiano is a genre of electronic dance music that emerged in South Africa in 2016. With Barcadi, some people assert the genre began in the Pretoria area with DJ Mujava, and has been an ongoing debate about the origin of Amapiano.”

For the purpose of this piece, we will leave this definition as it is and come back to it in an in-depth Amapiano article that we will do at a later stage.

When setting out to craft a great DJ mix, there’s no reason to do it off the cuff without thinking about a few key elements first: Who will listen? How will it be structured? How will you mix it? With that in mind, we all agree here at Music Link that Romeo Makota has satisfied everyone with his Amapiano mix. Hit play below and enjoy this doze.

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