Scorpion Kings – eMcimbini

Amapiano Kings, DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small are back with another album titled Live! From mid-last year, the duo has been dominating the mainstream industry with their sounds and with the release of this latest project, its clear that they are not going to slow down anytime soon.

From the album, there are a few songs that are already bubbling under and one of them ‘eMcimbini’ which features Aymos, Samthing Soweto, Mas Musiq and Myztro.

The duo’s music is mainly influenced by soulful and Jazzy sounds which seek to capture the attention of the listener. The two try to evoke deep underlying feelings with the use of soul in the melodic structures yet in juxtapose, releasing energy with a sense of celebration and festivity with hard hitting drum patterns. They also use synthesizers in capturing the modern, urban feel of the youth’s vibrancy.

The collaborations formed on the single were instinctive and fit comfortably into the soulful realm of Scorpion Kings. Samthing Soweto adds a warm masculine presence within the tone. Mas Musiq and Myztro bring together highly energetic fresh zest of youthful vibrancy and eloquent delivery.

Simply put, ‘eMcimbini’ is a melting pot of eclectic sounds, which lurk between the fine line of unconventional music and creative standards.

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