Sjava Touches On ‘Impilo’

Sjava is probably one of the few local hip-hop talents that do what they do because of the talent. Can the talent alone though take him places? Certainly not and it is probably the reason why he is able to offer the listener hardcore hip-hop jams and at the same time goes commercial without losing the plot.

His latest offering, ‘Impilo’ is a best illustration of what this talented rapper from KZN is capable of achieving when he wants to take on an emotional music marathon. You see unlike your average rhymers, Sjava’s got the fat flows backed up by a well constructed storyline.

Taking a love story route, on this one Sjava talks about how uneasy it is to let go when one is told that its over. He then quickly shifts the conversation and condemn those who go on a killing spree because they have been shown the door. In his own words, the rapper tells the listener to let go if they have been given a boot because life has to go on. This is a soul touching jam that one can get all emotional. Truth be told, ‘Impilo’ is where good production meets well crafted lyrical content.

Hit play below and get locked!

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