Sun-EL Musician Ft. Samthing Soweto – Akanamali

Even though Sun-El Musician is unknown to us, one cannot shy away from recognizing his amazing producing skills. The composer who doubles as a DJ has unleashed a mega-power tune titled ‘Akanamali’ which features talented vocalist and former The Soil member, Samthing Soweto.

After listening to this tune, it is clear that the producer has decided on the world as his target. His production is matured, and one can safely say that Sun-El Musician along with Samthing Soweto are in for a good treat this festive.

What I find having worked perfectly well here is how the producer was able to structure this composition. On this song, the brother does not rush the build-up process; bit by bit, he introduces all the instruments that are part of the overall song.

Impressively, Sun-El Musician keeps his music simple in such a manner that when it continues, one can easily pick up all the spices added. Another thing to take note of is the power of song arrangement. This DJ knows how to put all the instruments he is working with in order. Even thought his music is not overly populated with instruments, Sun-El Musician has a fascinating skill for making sure that the song does not lose momentum.

Is this going to be a December song? Well, with the momentum it has been gaining, one cannot rule the possibility of it penetrating the national market.

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