The Kids Are Alright… DJ Arch Jnr & Valdo

It was the legendary musician Whitney Houston who said: “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” Moreover, this right here is proof. When they are shown the beauty they possess inside and with a sense of pride, children have the potential to reach for the stars (or become them, as it is the case with DJ Arch Jnr & Valdo).

Conquering the world at the age of 7

He made news in 2015 when he became the youngest act to win SA’s Got Talent and the youngest winner in that entire franchise around the world. Born Oratilwe AJ Hlongwane in 2012, his star rose at just 3 years old and came to be known as DJ Arch Jnr. As a toddler, he grew very fond of an iPad his dad had purchased for him, for educational purposes. Among the apps were DJ software, which he quickly gravitated towards. In no time at all, DJ Arch Jnr had mastered the app, showing off formidable skills that his father identified and he naturally transitioned to live equipment. A short video of the young superstar exhibiting his prowess behind the decks posted on Facebook went viral and the rest as they say is history.

We caught up with Glen Hlongwane, the young star’s father on DJ Arch Jnr’s success after the show and the appearance on the British version of the show, impressing the likes of Simon Cowell. “It was an amazing experience to receive such recognition from such an important person in the music industry and the international community. A life changing experience. Which we learned a lot from and will continue to build upon.”

“We have been very humbled by the support we have received locally first and secondly the international community. We plan on growing our brand further in the international market and securing more gigs and marketing opportunities to raise awareness on DJ Arch Jnr’s brand. We plan to collaborate with international artists, promoters and any influential people willing to work with us,” he added on their plans to conquer the world.

With DJ Arch Jnr looking up to DJs such as Shimza, Fresh and Black Coffee, the kid has set the bar for himself quite high and with the start he’s had in his career, there’s every faith in his ability and transcend even further.

Much like his musical heroes, up next for DJ Arch Jnr is learning to compose music and master production. “This year has been set out as the year for him to grow his skills in terms of music production. He is working with various producers to educate him on music, the software and what it takes to compose music,” the dad added.  

With so much planning and success on the horizon, where does school fit in you might wonder? Well, the young superstar earns DJ time after homework, administered by his mother and his father is in charge of his DJing time.

Then… South Africa’s Youngest Musician

Known for his adorable Instagram videos, Valdo, real name Vivaldo Mcagwe, recently branched into music with his debut release ‘Ntwana Ntwana’ featuring his dad, Lin Dough. At just 6 years old, Valdo is making a mark in music and pumping fresh energy to Kwaito. Valdo and his dad won South African hearts over when they posted a video of how they related to each other and the followers wanted more, and it snowballed into them becoming the ultimate father and son goals.

Lin Dough is a musician and was signed under DJ Cleo’s Will of Steel as part of ‘Teddy Bears’, remember DJ Soul T’s “Impempe (Hlokoloza)”? Yes, he was part of that. Valdo’s ‘’-‘Ntwana Ntwana’ was released in March of 2019 and has quickly garnered over 500K views on YouTube and it seems there is promise in the young star’s music career.

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