Top DJs For The Neon Run Party

2016 combines the best of fitness and entertainment all in one! The electrifying after party with South Africa’s top DJs and musicians: TiMO ODV, Rubber Duc, Goodluck, Dean Fuel, iScream and the Chocolate Stix and more and artists will have you running, skipping and jumping as fast as you can to the festival finish. More to do, more to see and an even bigger party. Ready, set, GLOW!

Trace Mobile presents the Neon Run TM 2016, a 5km run and music festival, takes place on 14 May, at the Wanderers Stadium. This year, the Neon Run is presented by TRACE Mobile – a brand new cool mobile service powered by TRACE and Cell C, offering users a complete range of fresh online entertainment with a very competitive telecommunication plan. The Neon Run has also partnered with Hot 91.9FM, Jo’Burg’s hottest community station on the dial with the biggest names in radio, playing the best in Old Skool & R&B.

The Neon Run will take place in Johannesburg on Saturday the 14th May 2016 at Wanderers Stadium, from 2 pm – 11.30 pm. Gates open at 2.00pm with a wide range of bar areas and a dedicated food zone available for some pre and post-race refreshment. The race only starts at 6.00pm, but get there early so that you have time to get your glow-jo going full force.

There’s only two weeks left to buy tickets and they’re selling out fast! Don’t miss out. Tickets can be purchased online at

The Neon Run will only take place in Johannesburg this year, so grab your friends and get those entries and before tickets are sold out. Did you know? You can earn 500 Discovery Points to match your healthy post-race glow!

For more information and tickets, visit

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