Vernon Barnard Touches Judges With ‘Story of My Life’

It was just another normal audition day at The Voice South Africa until Vernon Barnard took to the stage and did a heartwarming rendition of One Direct hit song, ‘Story of My Life’.

With a pure talent, Barnard sang his lungs out, ultimately getting three buzzers. So touched by the rendition, talented muso Bobby van Jaarsveld who is also the judge of the reality singing competition couldn’t contain himself. When Barnard started hitting the high notes, van Jaarsveld was so excited that he jumped up onto his chair as he spun round to face the mystery voice, and then… the tears flowed.

Upon realizing Barnard was blind, the musician was so touched that he couldn’t contain himself throughout the performance. He had to be comforted by another judge, Afrikaans rocker Karen Zoid.

Barnard’s performance was the most moving showcase for The Voice SA since its inception. By the look of how things are unfolding, we might be in for more surprises as the singing competition proceeds.

About Vernon Barnard:
Vernon Barnard was born with glaucoma. He could see reasonably well before he lost his sight and underwent sixteen operations before he was five years old – according to The Voice SA’s official YouTube platform.

Watch Barnard’s audition below.

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